Leasing your investment property with First National Real Estate Rod Jones

Let Rod Jones Manage Your Property

What makes Rod Jones First National Different?

At Rod Jones First National we understand when you invest in a property that it is important to maximise that investment and our team of experience professionals is committed to providing you with the best possible service to achieve this.

Our Mission Statement

'To Provide Property Management Services to our community of Owners and Tenants that inspires a level of confidence and trust in our ability to exceed expectations'

Our experience in Property Management is extensive, having managed combines rental portfolios in excess of 500 properties for over 15 years at one point in time. As such we feel we have a good grasp on what is needed to do the job properly, and a simple perspective is as follows:

    Improve the value of your property by appling care and attention
    Find the right tenant that will pay rent in a timely manner and look after your property
    Keep the rental income up to market expectations Keep you, the owner informed of the general market conditions through open communication and consultation

Our services

Rental Appraisal
  •     Timely and concise feedback
  •     Income expectations relevant to the market
  •     Investment optimisation advice to maximise income and capital value

Providing a consultative approach to each owner to individually access each property on a regular, proactive basis creates a forum for continual review of the capital value of the property and also it’s potential to generate rental income. We call this service Investment Optimisation Assessment, and it is provided inclusive of our management fee.

Tenant Search
  •     Thorough screening on candidates
  •     Reference checks
  •     10 point qualification for identification
  •     Personal interviews
  •     Checks through immediate Employer/Manager

Checks with Human Resources Manager

Recognising the importance of getting the absolute right tenant for your property, we are quiet exhaustive in our approach to tenant screening.

Property inspections
  •     Initial inspection prior to tenant moving in
  •     Digital photo records, written records
  •     Inspections at 90 day intervals

In order to maintain your property as if it was our own, we have a comprehensive Property Inspection program that ensures that the property is kept in the best of condition throughout the tenancy.

Rental Receipt Management
  •     Rental arrears checked daily
  •     Follow up phone call to tenant if arrears exceed 48 hours
  •     Monthly statement detailing all income and expenditure
  •     Annual consolidated report on all income and expenditure
  •     Tax assessments

We recognise the importance of keeping close control of the rental income for our clients, and have a policy of stringent checking of arrears on a daily basis. This ensures that no potential for tenants to slip into a significant arrears situation can occur. Our monthly statement provides the client with a comprehensive report on all income and disbursements during the rental period and this is augmented by a full consolidation report at the end of each financial year to easily facilitate tax assessments.

Property Investment Optimisation
  •     Regular assessments of rental value
  •     Proactive consultation with the owner regularly
  •     Project management for refurbishments
  •     Capital value appraisals

As the cornerstone to full property management we provide our clients with proactive communications to continually monitor the rental value of the property, the relative capital value of the property in the current market place, and provide Project Management for upgrades and refurbishments. This is the core of our Property Management Plus services.

Regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  •     Annual survey to our Landlords

Each year we conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey to continually assess and improve our services to our client base and to our tenants. Our most recent survey results showed that our services are well accepted. We will continue to apply improvements and best practices to ensure we are providing the very best Property Management services to our community of Landlords and tenants alike.

Property Repairs Management
  •     Tasks logged and managed through to completion
  •     Predetermined expenditure authority levels
  •     Qualified team of tradesmen and handymen
  •     Avoid unnecessary damage to your property
  •     Minimise impact for tenant

Adopting the approach of getting problems resolved as quickly as possible, we ensure that we avoid excessive damage to your property, such as leaking water causing carpet to be spoiled, and of course minimizing the impact of discomfort to the tenant

Marketing your property
  •     Our office position – ideally located on a busy intersection in North Narrabeen
  •     Office window advertising
  •     Colour photos profiling your property
  •     Our website – residences available for rent on the Internet
  •     Local Press- as required, Manly Daily, etc.

We believe our office is ideally located with a high volume of walk-in enquiry for tenancies and property management. This is complimented by our extensive website that provide exposure to your property on a nationwide basis, and potentially internationally.

Showing Your Property
  •     One on one with prospective tenants by appointment
  •     Open for inspection
  •     Flexibility to match tenant work commitments
  •     Ability to assess tenants and their credentials

Unlike many current practices of providing only open inspections for a few minutes during the middle of the week and weekends, we have resolved to provide additional opportunities to show our investment properties by offering one-on-one inspections. Given the constraints that many people have to view properties during work hours, our team strives to be a as flexible as possible to accommodate these potential tenants outside regular working hours. We believe this gives us the best opportunity to assess a potential tenants credentials and profiles as part of the tenant selection process and to expedite the letting of the property.