Our Guarantee

Under our marketing programme we guarantee to perform the following services until such time as a binding agreement for sale and purchase has been executed, or until the expiration of the exclusive agency agreement.
  1.     To ensure continued market exposure through a planned marketing campaign.
  2.     To have our sales team inspect your property to ensure total agency support.
  3.     To give a market estimate of your property based on available data.
  4.     To provide you with regular written market activity reports.
  5.     To photograph your property in colour for promotional and display purposes.
  6.     To provide you with regular advertising reports and copies of all advertisements.
  7.     To arrange for the installation of First National Real Estate Group signboards within seven days.
  8.     To expose your listing to our First National referral network.
  9.     To provide you with suggestions to enable you to present your property to its best advantage to secure the highest price.
  10.     To contact all our existing purchasers who are planning to purchase within your property's listed price range and location.
  11.     To pre-qualify potential buyers before showing your property in order to eliminate unnecessary inconvenience to you.
  12.     To telephone, where possible, and advise you of our intention to present a buyer to inspect your property.
  13.     To present to you all offers obtained from prospective buyers
  14.     Upon sales maintain regular communication with you until settlement.

Should we fail to perform in any of the above areas we invite you to register your complaint in writing. If the complaint is not acted upon and rectified within seven days after receipt of your letter you have the option of terminating our exclusive agency agreement.